Coaching Resources
August 02, 2014

Coaching Resources

The following coaching resources come from C.J.Jackson (SkyPlay),
Coaches Corner, You Tube, Perry Lakes Hawkes and BasketBall WA.

They assume each player brings their own ball.

The most important point is to get a common language of moves
and move quickly between drills and mini competitions.


Warm Up

    Round the court 2 ball dribble

    Round the stadium left-hand-right-hand dribble)

    Layups on each ring (2, 3, 6) 

Ball Handling

    Left-hand-right-hand finger tips

    Two ball close-quarters pass
      -  one step out
      -  two steps out
      -  behind the back
      -  under the leg

    Leg weave
      -  Leg weave races

    Body circles - behind head, behind back, behind knees

    Travis's seven ball-handling drills  (video)


    2 ball dribble  (video)
      -  walk, run
low and fast

    Tennis ball + Basketball
      -  bounce and juggle
      -  left hand then right hand

    C.J.'s Machine-gun dribble (fast)
      -  down right, over left
      -  down left, over right

     Left Hand Right Hand  (video)
      -  walk
      -  run around the court
      -  race around the stadium

     12" dribble drill   (video)

     Dribbling clinic   (video)

     Figure 8 or Rhythm Dribble   (video)

     Spider Drill   (video)

     Zig Zag dribble   (video)


    Chest pass

    Bounce pass

    Chest pass PLUS bounce pass

    Close quarters pass
      -  step out
      -  behind the back
      -  under the leg

    Two-hand overhead passing

    One-hand long throws

    Two-ball wall drill

    Three Man Weave   (video)

    Two Person Drill   (video)



    Finger tips (left-hand-right-hand)

    Circles behind the head, the back and the knees

      -  around the body
      -  between the legs
      -  figure eights
         (around the body AND
 between the legs)

    Chest passes against a wall

    Chest passes and bounce passes (with a friend)


    Fundamentals   (video)

    General Shooting   (video)

    Michael Jordan Tip #10 Free throws  (video)

    Michael Jordan Tip #12 Using the screen


    Shooting drill   (video)

    Star Shot   (video)

    Correcting Errors   (video)

    Bump (free-throw knock-out game)

    Round the clock

    Set shots left side AND right side

    Star shooting

    Three point shooting


    LayUps 101

    LayUps   (video) 

    LayUps explained   (video)

    LayUp analysis   (video)

    Mikan LayUp drill   (video)

    Front Layups   (video)


     Fundamentals  (video)

     Rebounding basics  (video)

     Rebounding (McHale) drill  (video)


     Michael Jordan Tip #3 Look for the opportunity  (video)

     Step back and CREATE SPACE   (video)

     Clever Crossovers   (video)


    Ball handling - very clever   (video)

    Best 5 NBA layups ever   (video)

    Top 10 NBA Layups of 2011   (video)

     Top 25 Crossovers  (video)


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